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Spanish Period (1854-1899)

xx Isabella & HPLN (1854-1874)

xx Amadeo & Republic (1871-1874)

xx King Alfonso XII (1875-1889)

xx Era of Surcharges (1881-1888)

xx King Alfonso XIII (1890-1897)

xx King Alfonso XIII (1897-1898)

xx Aguinaldo & Provisional Issues

US Period (1899-1946)

xx US Overprints (1899-1904)

xx Regular Issues (1926-1946)

xx Airmail Stamps (1926-1941)

xx Special Delivery & Postage Dues

xx Official Stamps (1926-1946)

Japanese Occupation (1942-1945)

xx Stamps (1942-1945)

Republic (1946-Current)

xx Mint Stamps & Year Sets


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NVK Stamps was formed in 2013 as a retail website designed to serve and support collectors of Philippine Philately.


We pride ourselves on Service and we are more than happy to assist with general enquiries, information requests, guidance and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.


.Featured Direct Sales


Featured Direct Sales showcases interesting and harder to find issues from the various eras of Philippine philately. This section holds a number of single listings which are available for immediate purchase on a first come, first served basis. Be sure to visit this section regularly, as the stock will be updated regularly.


.Philatelic Auctions


Philatelic Auctions commenced in August 2020 with the aim to hold three auctions per annum, featuring stamps, covers, and other philatelic material covering all periods of Philippine philately. Silent Style Bidding rules apply. These auctions are strongly supported by consigned material, providing the depth and diversity of material on offer. We would love to hear from you should you wish to consign material for future auctions.


.Private Treaty Sales


Private Treaty Sales commenced in January 2018 with the last Sale taking place in June 2020. Based on feedback from fellow collectors, there was a strong preference to run Philatelic Auctions in lieu of the Private Treaty Sales. As a result, the Private Treaty Sales are suspended for now, but may be reinstated in the future. For now, we have the Featured Direct Sales section that offers material for direct purchase.


.Retail Sales


Please use the links on the left to view our current inventory stock. Regular updates will be carried out to add new material as it becomes available.


To place an order, please email us quoting the reference number(s) of all unsold items of interest. We will confirm availability of each requested item and forward you a quote with payment instructions. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by a full money-back policy for any purchases that may meet with your approval.


.New Issues Service


Why not join the growing group of collectors that obtain all the latest Philippine Postal issues from us on a regular basis, ensuring you do not miss out on any of the new issues produced by Philpost. This includes stamps, Souvenir Sheets, Miniature Sheets (Sheetlets), Christmas Seals, Pre-Stamped Envelopes and annual Philpost stamp pages. Your order is customised and tailored to your specific collecting interests. Competitive prices guaranteed. Please enquire for more information.


Wants Lists


Please feel free to forward Wants Lists which we will aim to fulfil from existing stock. Any unavailable items will be registered on our database and you will be notified when we are able to offer these in the future.


We look forward to assisting you with your philatelic requirements.


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