Philippine Islands

Spanish Period (1854-1899)

Isabella & HPLN (1854-1874)

Amadeo & Republic (1871-1874)

King Alfonso XII (1875-1889)

Era of Surcharges (1881-1888)

King Alfonso XIII (1890-1897)

King Alfonso XIII (1897-1898)

Aguinaldo & Provisional Issues

US Period (1899-1946)

US Overprints (1899-1904)

Regular Issues (1926-1946)

Airmail Stamps (1926-1941)

Special Delivery & Postage Dues

Official Stamps (1926-1946)

Covers, Envelopes & Postal Cards

Japanese Occupation (1942-1945)

Stamps (1942-1945)

Covers, Envelopes & Postal Cards

Republic (1946-Current)

Mint Stamps, Errors & Varieties

Specimen Stamps (From 1978)

Covers, Envelopes & Postal Cards



Terms & Conditions





United States Period

1899 1945





Military Station Covers & Envelopes



Commercial Covers



Pre-Stamped Envelopes



Postal Cards



Picture Post Cards



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