Queen Isabella II















January 1863



Gooding #15F1
Bartels C18.1; Earee (Page 212)
Serrane (Page 225);
Collin (Page 640)

The 'C' of 'CORREOS' is too near to the left frame and too tall and the second 'R' is too large. The second 'R' of 'INTERIOR' is too wide at the bottom. The circle almost touches the line at the top and bottom, with only one row of the fish-scale network above the top of the central circle and two below the bottom of it. There are nine-two pearls round the central circle, and they are all distinctly separate from each other, except two near the chignon; whereas in the genuine, some of them run together. The Queen's lip is pointed somewhat upwards. The bust is too much pointed. The '10' varies slightly throughout the sheet. Known unused or cancelled. Issued in sheets of 20 stamps (4 x 5). (Similar plate to Gooding #14F3, #16F1 and #17F1).


Gooding #15F2

A rather crude forgery. The circle of pearls are quite faint and in some cases over-inked, most noticeable at the bottom of the circle. The value tablet appears to have been inserted leaving a large gap between it and the line above. The letters and numbers are small. The 'F' of 'FRANCO' is far away from the left frame line. The '0' in '10' is small. Know used with a Diamond '30' (Puerto Rico and Cuba) Postal Demarcation Cancellation, (the Philippines being the 31st Postal Demarcation of Spain). (Similar die to Gooding #17F3)


Gooding #15F3

A good imitation issued in shade of salmon instead of carmine in the genuine issue. The space between the dots in the colon between 'Correos' and 'Interior' is wider than in the genuine. The nose is not as pointy and the chin in more rounded. The value '10' is large and the '0' is broad.


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